Have a ʻSimply Wonderful’ Christmas season

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

Simply wonderful.

That is the theme our newspaper chose to highlight the Christmas season.

So many times, we can take the simplest of ideas and make a mess of them, going way too far into detail and complicating even the simplest of endeavors.

So here is a simple piece of advice as you enter the holiday season: Enjoy it.

Don’t fret over which holiday party you’re going to attend or what to wear or what to bring as a gift.

Don’t worry that you’re going to offend someone if you have to leave an event early, or if you don’t show up at all.

Don’t spend extra time and money looking for that perfect gift for someone, when it’s likely all they really want is to spend time with you.

Don’t panic because one of the lights on the tree isn’t working or your dog or cat has decided to make a game of knocking ornaments off the tree.

Christmas is a time to spread cheer among family and friends. Spending all your time getting ready for company so that you’re too exhausted to enjoy them defeats the purpose.

So get out, enjoy holiday events like this Friday’s parade and celebration in the Park in New Prague. Spend time with family and friends and experience the joy of the season.

And above all, have a Simply Wonderful Christmas.



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