Look to the skies

One of the recent positive news items that has been popping up lately is the comet Neowise. It was discovered earlier this year and apparently there are only a few more days left for people to be able to see it this month. After that, the next time the comet is scheduled to come near Earth is 6,800 years from now. A person has a better chance to see Halley’s Comet, which will next show up in 2061. I could be here for that, it will only be seven years before my 100th birthday.

Ever since I was young there have been people saying words to the effect of “Look to the skies.” It is something I can agree with as I’ve had an interest in space and humanity’s efforts to explore our solar system. I was one year old when the United States landed men on the moon. A few years later in 1975 there was the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project between the US and at the time the USSR. It was the first international human spaceflight. The US launched an Apollo spacecraft on July 15, with a crew of three men and two days later it docked with a Soyuz spacecraft from the Soviet Union that had a crew of two. While the images of a handshake between the crews has been replayed over the years, it was something to see playing on the news for the first time.

Since then there has been Skylab, the Hubble Space Telescope, the robotic devices that have been used to explore Mars and the International Space Station. Frankly I still find the occasional shots from their viewpoint of the Earth to be incredible.

There’s still a lot of exploring to do of our own solar system and hopefully we will find a way to send people to more planets as part of that exploration.



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