October is known for Halloween, but also…

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

When October rolls around each year, most people’s thoughts go to Halloween, a time for costumes, jack o’lanterns, Trick or Treat, candy and for some adults decorations and their own parties. Of course there are a few thoughts about leaves falling to the ground. But the month is also one where several groups over the years have worked to make people aware of an assortment of causes.

These range from the serious to the “not so much” area. One in that last category is that it’s American Cheese Month. Now if you love cheese or you produce it then I can see how giving people a month to indulge their love of cheese can be beneficial. Another one is it’s Bat Appreciation Month, considering they eat mosquitoes I can see that. If more of the little blood suckers become meals for bats, so much the better. Although I would think putting this during a time when mosquitoes are more of a pest might raise more awareness, then again some people associate bats with Halloween. One that I can understand why some people are behind it is Eat Better, Eat Together, which encourages families to eat more balanced meals at least once a day. When you’re with family or even close friends, there are times we tend to think about what we’re having. My family sometimes just went the easy route and ordered pizza, even then we gathered together.

One that is very serious is that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For me that touches a personal note as my mom developed breast cancer back in the late 1980s. While she had surgery to remove it, she ended up fighting cancer off and on in other parts of her body for the next six years. That battle ended in January of 1994. It’s a disease that needs to be ended.



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