Slowly moving toward normal

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

There are people who are slowly moving back to normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, others have been moving more quickly and some never made any changes at all. Personally I think I’ve been all over the map.

One way I haven’t changed is that I’m still coming in to work. A little hard to report news from home. I still make stops at the local coffee shop or grab lunch from somewhere, I’m hit and miss on wearing a mask. It’s one thing I’m rethinking on, although I did stop at a restaurant last week and did wear a mask when I wasn’t eating or drinking. There were a few others with masks. I know a few have already been to restaurants since they reopened, but that was an area where I decided to take it slowly.

Most of the restaurants I’ve been to over the years, have been good about making sure their places are clean from the tables to the floors to the trash bins being emptied on a regular basis. I think it’s the memory of the places that weren’t following those standards that gave me pause. Thankfully the restaurants in this area have been good about making sure things are clean. Another reason I waited is there are still quite a few unknowns about COVID-19 when it comes to antibodies and whether a person might be a carrier or not. Yes, one way to make absolutely sure is to get tested.

Another area that is moving forward are the schools. The New Prague Area School District is checking with parents and staff about what they would like. The majority would like students back in school. Hopefully we will be able to see that come fall, but the school district is making plans in case they have to go back to distance learning or try a hybrid.

Currently we live in interesting times and perhaps the best way to approach it is in a slowly and surely effort. We’ll have to see.



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