Thanksgiving memories

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

We’ve reached another Thanksgiving and I think for many of us there are always some memories of past Thanksgivings. There are likely two areas where those memories fall into — family and food.
For me, those family memories mostly include large groups of people. There would be a gathering of family; aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and occasionally someone’s friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. With my family, many of those Thanksgivings were at my parents house, where both sides of the family would gather. We would have a house full of adults and children. Often this group consisted of 20 people, some years more. We would break up into groups — those who wanted to watch the football games, those who wanted to talk and catch up, while the children would find themselves playing games in the basement or outside running around to burn off energy. Some years there would be the crunch of leaves underneath. Other years, if there was snow on the ground, there would be the making of snow angels or the snow would go flying in the air in the attempt to have a snowball fight.
The second big memory, about food, includes everything from the salads to the turkey, or ham as a second item, the sides to desserts. For me, the one thing about the turkey was that I enjoyed the leg. My Uncle Lee and I were both like that. Set aside the turkey leg for us and we would be happy. The sides included an assortment, from mashed potatoes to sweet potatoes, sometimes with marshmallows baked on top, to corn to green beans to rolls to cranberries to jello with fruit in it. There were also some extra sides such as Swedish meatballs. Desserts were pumpkin or apple pie with whipped cream or ice cream, plus cookies and lefse with brown sugar.
However you celebrate, the staff at The Times wishes you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.



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