Voting date is getting close, or there’s early voting

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

While the United State general election, Tuesday. Nov. 3, is still more than one month away, people do have the option to do early voting, which opens this Friday, Sept. 18. The option for early voting in Minnesota runs until Monday, Nov. 2, although dates and hours may vary based on where you live in the state.

If you plan to vote in person here is what to bring. If your voter registration is current and active you don’t need to show an ID to vote in Minnesota, although if you're voting for the first time, you will have to show ID to vote if you registered by mail and your ID number could not be verified by the state, or if you are registering to vote on Election Day. Acceptable forms include: a valid ID with current name and address, which can be expired (driver's license, Minnesota ID card, learner's permit, US passport, student ID from a Minnesota high school, college, or technical school, U.S. military or veteran ID, or a tribal ID card with name, address, photo and signature); a photo ID and a document with current name and address, which can be shown on an electronic device (utility bill, bank or credit card statement, mortgage or lease); a registered voter from your precinct who can confirm your name and address; notice of late registration; valid registration in the same precinct; college student ID (if a student housing list is provided); or a staff person of a residential facility.

To be honest, I’ve been thinking about doing early voting myself this year. The main reason is the possibility of long lines on election day and, to me, early voting is a way to help lesson the possible congestion. There’s also the aspect that I’m going to be busy covering the voting and getting information about it in the paper. However you plan to do it, just remember to get out and vote.



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