Well, what is it? The heat or the humidity?

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

We are definitely in one of the first heat waves of the summer with the weather forecasted to be in the 90s and the upper 80s for the rest of the week. It brings up the old question, which affects things more the heat or the humidity?

One answer could be both. There are many things I enjoy about summer, the sun, the ability to go outside without a parka, the green of the trees and the grass and the burst of colors from flowers and the heat. To be completely honest I like the heat, to an extent. When it gets into the upper 80s, with no humidity, I still enjoy it. When it gets into the upper 90s, not so much, add in humidity, sorry, but no.

My reasons? Probably because I’ve gone through more than one summer where the only respite I had was one or more fans just circulating the air. The blowing air offers some relief, but not by much. All you can do is sit there, drinking lots of liquids to stay hydrated and swelter.

Alright, enough grousing, like I mentioned earlier I do enjoy warm days at times. Like most people I enjoy it as I don’t have to worry about frostbite. To me the perfect summer days are the ones where I can go outside in short pants and a T-shirt and just enjoy the day. Have a walk, go on a bike ride, go to a cookout with friends or family and relax, soaking up the sun and the warmth while making good memories. An evening where it cools off perfectly or where a light jacket is needed is also a plus. Those nights when I can open a window and have it be perfect for sleeping are also great.

So if you like the warmth and the humidity, enjoy this week, just remember to find some shade and hydrate.



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