Police Civil Service Commission to stay in Waterville

Jay Schneider, LRlife@frontiernet.net

There was a motion on the floor to disband the Waterville Police Civil Service Commission, but it never received a second, so the Commission will remain.

Waterville City Council member Jennifer Grobe voiced her concerns about why the city has this Commission and she made the motion to end the Commission during the December 5 council meeting.

The motion died for lack of a second so the Police Civil Service Commission will not be abolished. It would have taken a unanimous vote of the council to end the commission.

At this time, Tom Niedick and Trina Waugh are commission members. There is a third spot currently open and applications are being sought to fill this position. These positions are unpaid.

Grobe asked City Attorney Jason Moran if this (Police Civil Service Commission) was something the city needed?

“From a legal standpoint it is up to you guys (city council) to make this determination. We have discussed this every year and you guys are going to make a decision,” Moran said. “The purpose of the commission is to act as a buffer between the council and the police department.”

Moran went on to say the only thing the council has to do with the police department is set the budget or wages for the officers. They have no control over what happens within this department. That is all decided by...

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