Critical Race Theory discussed by Board

Andrea Nelson,

The three key missions of the Tri-City United Public Schools are to empower learners, create opportunities, and be united for success.

District Superintendent Lonnie Seifert reiterated that point at a work session held by the TCU school board on July 26 as he addressed the discussion topic of Critical Race Theory.

“All means all,” Seifert said. “Equal opportunities for all students. That’s really what it should be, and that’s what we have been pushing.”

Seifert said the topic of teaching Critical Race Theory has become an increasingly popular, “hot” topic among school boards and districts across the nation, though it has been around since the 1970s. It is something that he, along with other school board members, have been receiving questions about lately by parents and community members.

At TCU, this theory, which examines U.S. law and racial justice, is not taught in the district and will not be taught, so long as the Minnesota Department of Education standards stay as they are.

“We follow the State standards in curriculum,” Seifert said.

As such, the district covers history regarding race, inequities, policies and norms in various stages of history.

“I believe in education, it’s important to help our students understand the world that we live in and that can be done in a lot of different ways, but it should involve inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication,” Seifert said.



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