Our right is an important piece of paper

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, hundreds of millions of Americans will exercise a very important right - the right to vote.

We will cast our ballot on a simple - yet important - piece of paper.

The ballot.

As long as this country has existed, people have had to fight and even die, for our right to vote. Everyone has the responsibility to stand up and vote to preserve this right and to honor those who went before us.

That piece of paper links us to the past as we fill in ovals to determine our future. It is an equalizer that gives every citizen a voice in governing.

Your vote is your voice.

This year’s election is a biggie. It includes local races - city, school and county elections - but it also includes that of the president, vice president, and Congresspeople.

These are big positions to fill. Those who hold them will decide how we are able to live our lives.

In a small town like Montgomery, most of us know the candidates. Or at least we’re familiar with their families, children or some personal history. That can make a difference in how you mark your oval on the ballot.

As for the bigger candidates, most of us have watched the debates, and have been hammered by the endless soundbites and commercials. Still, being informed is on you.

If you can find a reliable, neutral news source, investigate who stands for what, and who will make a difference in a small community, like Montgomery.

If you’re on the fence if you’ll vote, I’ll help push you over to the “vote” side. Here are just a few reasons:

• You should vote to honor those who sacrificed their personal well-being to keep us safe and secure. They deserve our respect, and voting is one way to show it.

• You should vote to honor those who have fought for equality, civil rights, women’s suffrage, disability rights and the ideals of justice.

• You should vote to be a good example to children and grandchildren by showing how voting is a symbol of our faith in democracy.

If you’re into sports, think of it this way: Democracy is a team sport; being a spectator simply doesn’t cut it.
Make your voice heard with your paper ballot on November 3.


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