Rolling through the setting

Wade Young

Sunday, Oct. 25 was a special day.

After long and careful instruction, Bonnie’s and my son, Mecca, along with 11 others, were confirmed in St. John Lutheran Church.

The “affirmation of baptism” is a big event. It was supposed to be witnessed by a lot of family at the church and at home. However, due to this crappy coronavirus, family groups in church were limited to little more than a half dozen invitees.

No thanks to the dumb virus, we also pared down our family party to just a few members, instead of the clan of more than 40.

Still, neither Bonnie nor I wanted the stupid pandemic to spoil the occasion. We went to work to make it extra special for the confirmand, and, honestly, for ourselves too.

It started with paint.

Those four words are clues at how mental we were to make this exceptional.

I painted the main floor of our house a couple of weeks before the event.

I loathe painting.

I find that a root canal is more enjoyable than painting walls.

I detest edging, using painter’s tape, rolling and re-rolling.

However, the drab color we chose four years ago (think a really light olive/tan/grey combo with a hint of dingy) was not doing it for us. The confirmed is a special young man and his confirmation was the perfect catalyst for a home makeover.

Once the walls dried, I was happy I tortured myself. The walls look great. The new color “seafoam mist” is basically white with a slight hint of grey. Along with fresh outlets, and outlet covers, it was like a fresh, new place!

This celebration of confirmation also called for something else special. We dug out our Belle Empress china by Noritake.

We unboxed the silver cutlery, which sparkled like new, because it basically is new.

We dusted off the gold-rimmed Jamestown wine glasses by Mikasa.

We bought fresh table linens.

As Bonnie and I placed the items on the table two days before the event (we are learning to get ready well ahead of time), we savored the moment. We stood back and looked at the table together.

Against the backdrop of newly-painted walls, it was marvelous.

By itself, the table was glorious.

After coming home from play practice, the scene even impressed my 15-year-old.

With wide eyes and a slight smile that was kind of embarrassed we had done so much for his occasion (and, to be honest, all of us once it was over), he said, “Wow! That’s awesome!”

I will admit: setting the table was the fun part - way more than painting the walls. I found the power from the sparkling china even elevated my months-long-COVID-induced sour mood.

It was nice to see something fun during this time of the coronavirus, awful hybrid school schedules, face masks, and election ads.

The icing on the proverbial cake was honoring Mecca. He is growing into such a great, young man.

The day of confirmation went well. Even with fewer people at church, it was still special. The kids did a great job. You could tell everyone was proud of the work they had done to get to that point in their religious education.

Later that day, with the few family members seated at the table, I looked at the scene celebrating the event. Under the dark cloud of the coronavirus, I watched family members talk through face masks at our beautiful table.

I loved the joy, conviviality, and the swell of emotions that emerged.

There was something special about sitting together, talking, laughing, and sharing thoughts, even though my hands still ached from that darn paint brush and roller.


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