Commissioners adopt updated districts

Jay Schneider,

The Le Sueur County Board of Commissioners, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 375, approved redistricting of the county commissioner districts during their Tuesday, April19 meeting.

The Statute establishes the procedure and requires a process for redistricting based on population figures from the 2020 federal census.

The commissioners districts must be redistricted within 80 days of when the legislature has been redistricted or at least 25 weeks before the state primary election, whichever comes first.

The board redistricted the County of Le Sueur by town, municipal, ward, city district, and precinct lines and reestablished the length of terms. Here is a list of the five commissioner districts and what areas are included in each district:

District 1: South half of New Prague City, Heidelberg City, and Lanesburgh Township (continuation of current term, 2024 Election).

District 2: Montgomery City, Montgomery Township, Lexington Township, Sharon Township, and Ottawa Township (4-year term, 2022 Election)

District 3: Le Sueur City Ward 1 and Ward 2, Derrynane Township, and Tyrone Township (continuation of current term, 2024 election).

District 4: Le Center City, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny Township, Waterville City, Waterville Township, and Cordova Township (4-year term, 2022 Election). District 5: Cleveland City, Cleveland Township, Elysian City, Elysian Township, Kasota City, Kasota Township Precinct 1 and Precinct 2, Washington Township, and Mankato City (4- year term, 2022 Election).

Le Sueur County Administrator Joe Martin will file the redistricting plan with the Election Administrator by May 3, 2022, to be effective on June 3, 2022, for the 2022 primary and general election.


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