Updated guidance from Department of Education

Spectators at Activities, Athletics, Clubs, Youth Sports and School Events

Sporting events are high risk for COVID-19 transmission, and are further high risk for activities that promote airborne particles of COVID-19. The following applies to all indoor sports, concerts, plays, competitions, performances and any other similar events that have spectators. This guidance is specific to the events that will take place in a school building or facility where instruction takes place and include the following parameters:

Capacity Requirements
• Each team/group at an indoor event is allowed up to a total allocation of two spectators per participant. Consistent with other Stay Safe guidance, spectators must be separated by at least 6 feet between households/spectator groups and event spaces can’t exceed 25% of total capacity. For indoor events where 12 feet can’t be maintained between participants and spectators, participants must be included in the total capacity count. If spectators and participants can be clearly separated by at least 12 feet, then participants do not need to be included in the total capacity count. No venue may exceed a capacity of 250 spectators.

• In some situations, small venues may only allow for an allocation of one spectator or less per participant, depending on the size of the venue. Spectators are only allowed at official competitions or events. If the participants are young children who may need adult support to dress, use the restroom, or otherwise participate in a practice or rehearsal, each participant may have one support person attend. If a participant has a medical need for additional adult support then that support person is allowed at practices or rehearsals.

• School districts and charter schools must require advanced reservations and/or ticketing (e.g. on-line, appbased, email, will-call). Walk-ins, impromptu purchases or admittance will not be allowed. o Names, phone number, and/or email must be collected as part of the reservation so that quick notification can be done if an individual develops COVID-19.

• Schools must schedule arrival times for longer than their typical duration to minimize the congregation of spectators waiting. They must establish staggered admission-times, entry-times and durations to minimize overlap and congregating of spectators at choke-points (e.g. access points, security check-points, admission areas, concession areas).

• Please also refer to MDH’s COVID-19 Sports Guidance for Youth and Adults and guidance issued by the Minnesota State High School League if you are planning an athletic event. District or charter school owned or leased facilities that are only used for non-instructional athletics or activities must follow the Stay Safe guidance and COVID-19 Sports Guidance for Youth and Adults.


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