Main Street building posted as unsafe

The City of New Prague will have the building located at 102 E. Main Street (containing The Consignment Lodge at 102 E. Main Street and Downtown Sound at 104 E. Main Street) posted as an unsafe structure and to be vacated (per MN Rules1300.0180) until further notice. This determination was made by the City’s Building Official, Chad Lunder, in consultation with the City Attorney, based on a review of a 2005 building conditions report along with two more recent reports by structural engineers regarding concerns about the buildings’ structural integrity as well as a site visit to the building both internally and externally to review the structure. The reports which led to this determination were performed prior to work commencing on the Main Street reconstruction project. The Main Street reconstruction project is not the reason for the building being determined to be unsafe as based on the findings in the reports, but conditions at the building could be exacerbated by future work on the Main Street reconstruction project if not investigated further prior to future road reconstruction work occurring.

The City has talked to the building owner and building owners representative about the concerns with the building being determined unsafe and not to be occupied until further investigation can occur on the structural integrity of the building. As of noon today, all building tenants had been notified by the owner’s representative to vacate the building until further notice. Additionally, the sidewalk was closed in front of the building along Main Street as well as along Central Ave. S (and including Central Ave. S west to the sidewalk along Corner Bar). This closing of the sidewalk and portion of Central Ave. S. is due to the condition of the building and not the Main Street reconstruction project.

The City does not take this matter lightly as it has affected business owners that are leasing space in the building, but this action was taken for the safety of the building occupants and those nearby.


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