Approaching a one year anniversary

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

For many of us the end of this month is the time that the COVID-19 pandemic really started taking affect on our lives. Like many I had been hearing about the Coronavirus here and there in the news and then kept hearing more about it.

In late February of 2020 I was spending the weekend with friends and other fans of science fiction and fantasy at a small convention in the Twin Cities. The convention was about 1,000 people and many of us were talking about Coronavirus. There were those of us wondering if it would affect upcoming events and activities. Back in New Prague there was also talk about this disease.

Among the talk there was discussion that Coronavirus would be easily handled. Some speculated it would be like the H1N1 flu, which in some ways came and went quickly. Others said take the proper precautions and it would be over before we know it.

Now as we approach the March 13 anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a national emergency in the United States we can say it didn’t go away quickly.

Over the last year there have been many reactions. People have expressed everything from outrage to anger to resignation to exhaustion. Others have worked within the system to keep themselves and others healthy or to keep their business going. We can all agree that the last year has been a demanding one. It has required people to be creative in providing some normalcy. This has ranged from how to have a high school graduation to a wedding to a pancake breakfast.

Personally this has been a year where I have had more time to myself. However even that has gotten to be too much of a good thing. There’s only so much screen time on a computer, phone or TV before it starts wearing on me. I’m thinking I need a late resolution to at least get out and walk. We’ll see.



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