Hot enough for you?

Patrick Fisher,

With the current temperatures hitting the high 80s and the 90s, plus almost jungle like humidity on several of those days, the old question “Hot enough for you?” has likely been asked. There’s also probably been the statement, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Whichever it is, these are days that many of us are trying to find ways to keep cool.

When I was a child one way my parents had us keep cool and also try to burn off some energy were water games. This included swimming in a small pool in the backyard. We had several growing up. There were the inflatable ones that sometimes lasted a few summers, perhaps needing some patching. Those weren’t very deep, but they helped amuse us kids on hot days. Then there were the ones made out of a heavy plastic bottom and light aluminum sides. Those held a two or more feet of water, and were for older kids. I remember a lot of splash battles, dunking and games in those.

Another option my parents set up was a sprinkler or one of those water play sets that they would hook a water hose to. On a hot day it was a fun way to get cool with cold water.

I know some people had water slides, but I don’t think my parents had one of those. I think I would remember slipping down a giant piece of watered down plastic.

If there was time and an opening we would go down to the school district’s indoor swimming pool. The thing is it would be busy during the summer months. Like many indoor pools in Minnesota it was used for swimming lessons, practices for the swim teams and open swim times for children and families.

There were treats such as push pops, with orange sherbet, or ice cream sandwiches or frozen popsicles. Things that delicious on a hot day, although if we weren’t careful they would make a mess.

However you spend these next few months I hope you enjoy them and remember them come this winter.



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