Let’s be careful out there

Patrick Fisher, pfisher@newpraguetimes.com

Anyone who has seen the police drama “Hill Street Blues” will remember that usually one of the first scenes of each episode was a sergeant giving a duty list to a room full of police officers, plus other information that would show up later in the episode. At the end he would remind his officers, “Let’s be careful out there.” In a sense it’s not bad advice and most of us have heard it in one form or another in our lives.

As children we were reminded about being careful when crossing the street. When we’ve taken our driver’s education courses we’re told to be careful when we’re behind the wheel.

It’s something I’ve thought of when I’ve had close calls when crossing the street. When the intersection of First Avenue NE/SE and Main Street was still a stop light I had more than once where I looked before crossing, started walking and then had to stop or hurry up because a driver making a turn didn’t take that last look to make sure there wasn’t someone in the crosswalk. I’m not the only one, a New Prague resident told me how they were in the crosswalk at the intersection north of Millpond Apartments and stopped for a car that apparently didn’t stop at the four-way stop sign. The person told me they would like drivers to slow down and look.

Again, good advice. Especially as we are about to celebrate Dozinky and the Car Cruise. Both are great events, but we should remember to practice safety. This is especially true during the Car Cruise and the Parade of Farm Pride. Over the years I’ve seen most people look for a safe spot to cross or when walking off to the side of the street during those events. Usually it’s only a few who do this as most people sit and wait until the Car Cruise or parade are over. If we remember to be careful during Dozinky and after when we’re heading home we definitely will see each other next year.

So let us all remember to have a safe and enjoyable Dozinky and keep that in mind through the rest of the year.



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