NPHS grad pens book about loss, grief and adoption

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

Julie Yackley

Julie Yackley was born in Inchheon, South Korea, and was adopted in May, 1986, by Don and Janice Yackley of New Prague. Even before the adoption her mother was diagnosed with cancer, a disease that claimed her life in 1993, when Julie was just 7 years old. A year ago, she lost her father to ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Julie, a New Prague High School graduate, studied psychology at the University of Minnesota and now lives in South Carolina with her two children. She has written a book that will be released next week. “Ode to Bermuda Grass: My Journey Through Loss, Grief and Adoption.” The book talks about her internal struggles that started as early as age 7, with the loss of her mother, when the feelings of loss and rejection began to slowly take over.

"If you've ever felt abandoned or isolated, Ms. Yackley can empathize," a press release for the book says. "She tackles those feelings and talks about the steps she took to overcome them. With the help of friends, a few family members, therapists and her children, she has been able to come out stronger and more selfaware."

She began writing the book toward the end of 2017, around the time she was dealing with the illness and death of her father.

"It is a raw emotional introspective look back on my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood covering different topics and addressing them on a personal level, some of which I had never spoken out loud before. It gives the reader a glimpse inside of who I am and who I became during this journey of self-discovery and self-healing."

She said growing up in a small town, it was difficult to.....

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