Observing 22 years in New Prague

Patrick Fisher, pfisher@newpraguetimes.com

As of this Thursday, Aug. 19, edition of The New Prague Times I have reached 22 years of being a reporter here in New Prague. The majority of my 27 years as a reporter has been here in this community that has become my home.

There’s been a lot of stories and photos in that time. There’s also been a lot of life lived. One story that I did was about triplets Mara, Josh and Billy Simon shortly after they were born. In this spring’s New Prague High School Graduation Section I did a story about how they were going on to the next stages of their lives. When I came to New Prague, Falcon Ridge along Columbus Avenue was the only elementary school, now there are Raven Stream on the west side of town and Eagle View in Elko New Market.

New Prague City Hall had its council chambers on the ground floor and now it’s on the second floor with the ability of having its meetings broadcast on TV or the internet. Also, the New Prague Fire Department had its space in the back half of City Hall before moving to its new building.

When I arrived in New Prague in 1999 people, businesses and governments were worrying about the Y2K bug in computers. Very basically the fear was computers would have difficulties when they switched over to the year 2000. Around midnight of that year I was in the room used by first responders, a mixture of ambulance and fire department personnel. Someone from the police department might have been there, but I think they were out patrolling. Midnight came and went and nothing happened.

There’s been many events and passages in people’s lives that I’ve been a part of as a reporter. I’m grateful to the people and the community that has made me one of its own and be part of their lives. I look forward to more years of being part of New Prague.



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