Other things besides Christmas and New Year’s?

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

The month of December is mainly known for Christmas, New Year’s and Hanukkah. There are a few other events that are happening in the month, while some are activities that have good intentions, others could fall under the title “people who have too much time on their hands.”

A few under that title this week are National Cupcake Day on Tuesday, National Chocolate Covered Anything on Wednesday, National Maple Syrup Day on Thursday, National Ugly Sweater Day on Friday, National Oatmeal Muffin Day on Saturday and National Sangria Day on Sunday. To a shop owner some of these probably could be a gold mine for having a special on an item. Cafes and restaurants would do well with the food based ones and bars probably could have a field day with the sangria drink. For ugly sweaters those could be a contest, come into an establishment for their ugly sweater contest, top winner gets a discount.

Someone with a sense of humor placed an appropriate celebration on Christmas Eve, National Eggnog Day. I know some people who will never touch the drink. I’m one of those that does enjoy it, usually the plain version.

There are a few well intentioned ones such as Wright Brothers Day on Thursday. It seems well placed since December is usually a month when a lot of people are taking flights to visit family or friends or going south to warmer climates to get away from the cold, snow and ice.

I realize some people are likely rolling their eyes at this list, but if it gave you a grin or a chuckle, well we could all use a little humor after this year. Maybe there should be a National Chuckle Day? Then again, maybe not, unless it’s already out there.



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