A part of the action

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Friday was a night of wrestling as I covered Under the Big Top 4, pro wrestling with local favorite Mitch Paradise. This wasn’t the first time I covered the event at the Doublewide Lounge in Elko New Market, but it was the first time that the action landed very close to me.

In my lap to be specific as wrestler Rylie Jackson was sent flying from the ring and tumbled to the floor at my front row seat and came up with his head on my knee. After a few seconds of “Okay, now what?” I just did what a reporter would do, take some photos. From what I could see I wasn’t the only one taking photos. Was it a little embarrassing, yes, but I’ll live.

Frankly, there have been times I’ve been close to the action while covering fires, vehicle crashes and others, although those haven’t been quite as close. The only other times I’ve been that close to the action was during football games and one year at Dozinky. That year some of our neighbors were playing Dozinky Bingo. People had to get a photo with me to help them win the game.

The one thing about Under the Big Top is that it was actually great to get back out and see people having a good time and getting into the event.



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