So this month observes what?

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

It’s the first week of February and that means there are already reminders being sent out as to what is being observed this month. Perhaps the three most well known are Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and American Heart Month. Of course there are those observances that are likely not as well known.

For a month that has Valentine’s Day in it it’s not too much of a stretch that it’s also Creative Romance Month. It’s for couples, either married or those still dating, to come up with something to celebrate romance or to get out of a rut. This can be a surprise date night such as a night to go see the movies. However in this time of COVID-19 there are some who are probably adverse about going to a theater. In that case, do a special movie night at home with preferred snacks and each person chooses their favorite movie. For the truly adventurous they could have a picnic, although if it’s an outdoor one, bundle up.

Other lesser known observances are National Library Lover’s Month and National Embroidery Month. For book lovers having a month to show their adoration of libraries is a good idea. In my youth I spent more than one day spending hours at the library going through books, reading a little bit of one here, another there. National Embroidery Month is something that several friends would enjoy. I’ve been seeing quite a few friends on social media talk about different sewing projects they have going and some include embroidery.

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, it’s definitely a time for snacks. Take a wild guess what’s going on this month? That’s right it’s National Snack Food Month. My guess is there are probably one or more websites dedicated to snacks, so if you haven’t figured out what you’re snacking on with your small group of friends for the Super Bowl you might be able to find some ideas.



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