The spirit of Santa

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

This past weekend I was at two events that featured Santa. There were many children who’s faces burst into wide grins when they saw him up on a fire engine from the New Prague Fire Department during the Santa Cruise Through New Prague or seated among trees and presents at Elko New Market’s Community Christmas Tree Lighting. Quite a few parents were also beaming as they saw their children so happy.

That happiness, that joy, is something we need a lot of this year. There have been many things that have worn on people, that is sometimes causing a fatigue that is just making it hard for us to get through the day. On Friday and Saturday I saw those cares melt away for some time as people took time to be reminded of the spirit of Christmas. That it is a time for joy over a present far greater than anything we can find in a store or wrapped up with festive paper and bows.

Recently a friend on social media asked when people stopped believing in Santa. There were those who said they did at a certain time. Then there were those who stated they never had. That the spirit that Santa represents, the joy, the giving, the warmth of family and friends gathering just to be with each other. Those were things they still believed in. Those are the things that we are asked to remember about the season. We are also asked to remember that it’s not just this time of the year, but throughout the year and into the next year and the next and the following ones that we are to help spread it.

To expand on an old line you don’t keep Christmas, you spread its spirit to your families and to others. If we were to spread it perhaps there would be less problems in this world.



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