Spring has arrived, at least meteorologically

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Spring has sprung, at least in the meteorological sense. As of Monday, March 1, the sun will be out longer and the temperature will get warmer. Judging by the forecast that will definitely be true as temperatures will be in the 40s for most of the week and a prediction of the 50s for the weekend.

This Saturday, March 6, Snobowl is scheduled to be played and if the warm temperatures hold it might be more of a mud bowl. I’m cautious, because after more than 50 years in Minnesota, I’ve seen several days that were predicted to be nice and warm end up being snowy and cold. Of course there’s also been the reverse, days predicted to have a snowstorm end up being an enjoyable winter day.

While I do enjoy spring, I also enjoy winter. While it’s been a few years since I last strapped on some skis, before that I enjoyed getting out to downhill ski at least once during the winter months. To me it was the rush of going down a hill as fast as possible. Other times it was the speed, but also getting in as many turns before getting to the bottom.

I have my family to thank for learning how to ski and enjoying it. My parents were ones who encouraged my siblings and I to get out and enjoy winter. If we were sitting around the TV too much it was time to go out and have a snowball fight or build a snowman. If there was fresh snow on the ground then it was time to go sledding.

As for ski trips those were planned out since the nearest ski area was about two hours away. There were the occasional miscalculations about the weather. Once the wind chill was far below freezing. We spent more time in the lodge than skiing. The few times we went out we wore scarfs around our faces to protect us from the cold. They immediately became frosted up. The scarfs were so frosted up that they held their shape for nearly 5 minutes after we came back inside.

Like everyone else I’m looking forward to spring, but I’m not exactly celebrating that winter is ending.



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