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Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

For New Year’s Eve I spent part of the evening in a virtual get together where the focus was on stories. These could be stories from the last year or from past years. Some of the stories had to do with cooking, some were accomplishments, others were about a pie missing an ingredient or the unfortunate switching of salt for sugar. Other stories were about trips taken. The friend who was hosting the virtual party told about how she and a group of friends spent one year gathered in New York City at Times Square to welcome in the New Year.

I’ve yet to have that experience. I think the most different New Year’s Eve I’ve had was in 2000. It was the year everybody was worried about the Y2K bug. There was talk that when computers switched over there would be all types of havoc. I spent the night gathered at the old fire and ambulance departments when they were still in the back half of New Prague City Hall. Several members of both departments were gathered that night in 1999 just in case something went wrong locally. The people gathered there had decided to make it a potluck with some snacks, juices, coffee and water. We waited and watched as 2000 came in and nothing happened. I took a picture with the clock in the background as people were playing cards. I waited a little bit past midnight then went home.

I curled up in front of the TV and watched some of the celebrations taking place around the globe and listened to the commentary of how the Y2K bug didn’t show. I remember that night because I was covering it for a story. Also because I ended up wth a really bad cold. It made trying to enjoy the night and the next day just plain miserable.

This year there was no cold, but it was similar in that it was a relatively quiet night. Hopefully after the year 2020 was, 2021 will be in some ways relatively quiet in comparison. We can only hope.



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