We all need a little something to smile about

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

Many who have read this opinion piece in the last year have seen that more often than not I’ve tried to keep it light and sometimes attempt to provide something for people to smile about. Some might wonder why with the state of our world. All the things that are going on, the COVID-19 pandemic, riots, people facing unemployment, homelessness, whether they can afford meals or if their medical bills will be overwhelming. With all that in the world why am I still trying to do something positive?

The flippant answer is “Someone has to.” The deeper answer is that we need reminders that life is not completely dark, that we need some light to provide a beacon that cuts through the darkness. Whether that beacon is your faith, your belief in others, your working to help friends or strangers in times of need, your volunteering with groups to build homes, provide a meal or train others in a new skill. No matter what it is, hang onto that and continue to help everyone toward a better tomorrow. And if a corny joke helps then tell it.

I have one friend who posts one or more groan worthy puns each day. Sometimes I laugh, other times I’ll leave the word ouch as a response.

Those who continually make people laugh are sometimes referred to as clowns. Some will treat them with disdain because they don’t think they ever take life seriously. The thing is many of them have seen what life is like and they’ve taken those moments and they’ve found a way to make people laugh. They’ve taken a shared understanding of how life can beat you up and turned it on its head and made us at least smile or even laugh about it.



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