Winter coming earlier than usual?

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

I imagine that headline already has a few people thinking, “How dare you!” or “Bite your tongue!” The fact still remains we received snow on Tuesday and the temperatures in the area have been in the 30s for the last few days. Which is in fahrenheit, if it was celsius it would be around -1 degree.

Most people don’t like early winters, they prefer snow to fall in November, the later the better. Others are likely thinking back to the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. That was one of the heaviest snowfalls around the state. According to records October 31 in the Twin Cities resulted in more than 8 inches of snow and the snow continued to fall for a threeday total of 28 inches in the Twin Cities to 37 inches in Duluth. Apparently after such a start the rest of the winter of 1991-’92 was relatively normal.

Some of my co-workers have said I tend to be a bit blasé when it comes to winter. There’s some truth to that and I half-jokingly blame it on a mixture of things. That I’m Scandinavian, I was born in January and I grew up in northwest Minnesota, 75 miles south of the Canadian border. The thing is when I’m out driving, I’m like most Minnesotans, I hope the roads are plowed so I can see where the lines are, I have a healthy respect for the weather and I slow down when there is snow on the roads.

As for this snowfall, we’ll see how long it sticks around. I won’t be surprised if we see it melt away and the weather becomes a little nicer. Then again, if it stays put and we get more of it we can always say it’s just another effect of 2020.



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