Survey shows lake residents concerned about water quality

Jay Schneider, LIFE/Enterprise

The Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) staff gathered stories from watershed residents about how their community and lakes are doing.

This project of the CRWP dealt with “Lake Stories” from the Waterville Creek Watershed.

The CRWP staff interviewed eight community members about the following:

* Concerns for the future and their local lakes;

* Ideas for how partners can work together to strengthen communities;

* Recommendations for improving water in our lakes, rivers, and wells.

Among the community concerns were:

- Nutrient pollution in local lakes and the difficulty of making improvements.

- Water impairment from old, leaky septic systems.

- Development around the lake threatens water quality.

- Aquatic invasive species.

- Soil erosion and runoff.

- Loss of wildlife habitat from ditch mowing, and spread of wild parsnip.

Among the perceived obstacles included:

- Constraints on city funding, many pressing local priorities such as building improvements.

- Insufficient local engagement in solving problems.

- Limited resident willingness to volunteer time.

- Local aversion to paying higher taxes, preference for voluntary donations.

- Lack of new leaders emerging.

- Lack of understanding as to how to get involved.

A short survey was also provided for those in attendance.

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most concerned,....

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